XLD-Agar nach harm. EP/USP/JP (XLD)

Complies with Harmonised European Pharmacopoeia

Shorthand symbol: XLD
Item number: 40-1170
Format: Petri Dish, 90mm
Colour: Red
Storage conditions: Dry, in closed bag, at 4 – 10°C.
Shelf-life: 6 Months
pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 at 25°C
Dsc 3877 xld web
Intented use and fields of application

Xylose Lysine Desoxycholate Agar is a differential selective medium for the isolation and differentiation of Gram Negative enteric pathogens, especially Salmonella and Shigella, from foods, pharmaceutical and clinical samples. The medium is particularly well suited for the investigation, since other microorganisms are strongly inhibited from growth.

XLD allows for the differentiation of pathogens of non-pathogenic lactose-fermenting species as well as non-pathogenic microorganisms that ferment neither lactose nor sucrose. It is particularly suitable for the isolation of Shigella species, which often show no growth due to other toxic growth factors.

Typical composition in g/l

in g per 1 Litre Nutrient medium
Yeast Extract3
Lactose monohydrate7.5
Sodium deoxycholate2.5
Sodium thiosulphate6.8
Ammonium Iron (III)-citrate0.8
Phenol Red0.08
Sodium chloride5
*Adjusted as required to meet performance standards

Microbiological quality control

The Microbiological Performance Test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of Pharm. Eur. (Microbiological Examination of non-sterile products in accordance with Chapter 2.6.13).

Incubation conditions: 18 hours at 30-35°C; Inoculum concentration: 10–100 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Salmonella enterica ssp. AbonyNCTC 6017/WDCM 00029Good growthColonies with black centre and a lightly transparent reddish zone due to the colour change of the medium

Incubation conditions: 18 hours at 30-35°C; Inoculum concentration: 10.000–1.000.000 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Escherichia coliATCC 8739/WDCM 00012Complete inhibition-
Enterococcus faecalisATCC 19433/WDCM 00009Complete inhibition-

Microbial Contamination
Incubation conditions: 5–7 days at 20–25°C and 5–7 days at 30–35°C

No microbial contamination

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