We are happy that youare visiting the Website www.xebios.de of XebiosDiagnostics GmbH (hereinafter also referred to as Xebios) and thank you foryour interest in our company, our products and our Web pages.

The protection ofyour privacy in using our Web pages, our Web-based application as well as an Appfor mobile devices (for iOS and Android) by Xebios Diagnostics GmbH is veryimportant to us. Accordingly we use your data in compliance with the legalregulations on data protection. We inform you in the following about how wetreat your data.                   

Xebios collectsvarious data and information about you via this Website:

Webserver-Protocol. You canprincipally visit our Web pages without letting us know who you are. As allWebsites do in general the server on which our Web pages can be found(hereinafter referred to as the “Webservers”), however, do collect someinformation from you automatically when you visit us on the Internet.

The Webserverautomatically recognises certain personal data such as your IP-address forexample, the data and time of your visit to our Website, which Web pages youhave visited, the Website you were on before, the browser you use (for exampleInternet Explorer) your operating system (for example Windows) as well as thedomain name and the address of your Internet-provider (for example AOL). If ourWebsite uses Cookies (as explained further below), the Webserver also storesthis information.

We evaluate theseserver-protocols regularly anonymously for statistical purposes (click-streamanalyses), so that we can determine how our Web pages are being used. On basisof the knowledge gained we can optimise our Internet presence.

Moreover we can alsouse this information in the event of a system misuse in cooperation with yourInternet-provider and/or local authorities in order to determine the causer ofthis misuse.

Cookies. Some ofour Web pages use the so-called Cookie-technology. A Cookie is a type ofinformation that is sent to your computer from our Webserver (in fact which isstored in your browser directory) as soon as you visit the Website.

We use the followingCookies on some of our Web pages:

Session Cookies. TheseCookies only remain in existence until you end your Internet research andcompletely close down your browser. This does not include any personal data andis only used for statistical analysis of interest in our Web pages.

Third party Cookies onour Web Pages. Wedo not permit third parties to place Cookies on your computer via our Webpages.

Prevention and/orcontrol of Cookies. There are various methods of supressingCookies on your computer, of showing them and removing them. This depends onthe browser you use. If you have difficulties with this we recommend consultingthe Website of the manufacturer. You will be able to get the necessaryinformation there. If you wish no Cookies to be installed on your computer youwill still have access to the largest part of our Website. However, under somecircumstances you may not be able to use certain functions any longer.

Collection,processing, usage and transfer of personal data. We only take datafrom you (except in the course of the Webserver-protocols) if you give it to usyourself, in order to make use of one of the services we offer (for exampleusing the Xebios-App, forwarding of information, order enquiries). Insofar asnecessary this data shall only be processed and/or used exclusively to carryout the service in question and to establish, carry out or terminate a legal orsimilar debt relationship with the affected person. Your personal data shallnot be transferred to any third parties.

InternationalData Transfer. The processing of the personal data provided by youshall take place exclusively in countries within the European Unionrespectively the European Economic Area (EU/EWR).

Security. We pointout the transfer of data on the Internet takes place without insurance and thedanger thus exists that third parties can get hold of the data and use it. Youmay contact us at any time by mail or telephone.

Minors. Children and youngsters below 14 years of agemay not transfer any personal data to the Internet without the agreement oftheir parents or authorised carers. Please note that ourWeb pages are not for the use of youngsters under 18 years of age or aimed atthem. We consciously record no personal data of youngsters less than 18 yearsof age.

Links to other Websites. This Website also included links to otherWebsites. The data protection declaration described here, however, does notnecessarily apply to these. We request you to visit the Websites directly toestablish their information on data security, the safety of recording data andthe regulations on the transmission of data. Xebios cannot be held liable forthe regulations of these Websites or for their content.

Information. If you have any further questions on “datasecurity at Xebios” please contact us at the following address:

Xebios Diagnostics GmbH
Telleringstraße 49
40597 Düsseldorf