Rappaport-Vassiliadis Salmonella Enrichment Broth (RVS Broth) according to the harmonised methods of EP/USP/JP (RVS)

Shorthand symbol: RVS
Item number: 60-1262
Format: Tube, 9ml
Colour: turquoise, transparent
Storage conditions: Dry, in closed bag, at 15-22°C
Shelf-life: 2 Months
pH: 5.2 ± 0.2 bei 25°C
1262 rappaport vassiliadis salmonella anreicherungsbouillon rvs xebios
Intented use and fields of application

The RVS Broth (Rappaport-Vassiliadis Salmonella Enrichment Broth according to the harmonised methods of EP/USP/JP) is for the selective enrichment of Salmonella. This Medium complies with the recommendations of the harmonised methods of EP/USP/JP (2006).

Typical composition in g/l

in g per 1 Litre of Nutrient medium
Soya Peptone4.5
Magnesium Chloride, anhydrous13.58
Sodium Chloride8
Dipotassium Phosphate0.4
Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate0.6
Malachite Green0.036

Microbiological quality control

The Microbiological Performance Test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 11133:2014.


Incubation Conditions: 24±3 Hours at 41.5±1°C; Inoculum Concentration: 100 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis
+ Escherichia coli
+ Pseudomonas aeroginosa
ATCC 13076/WDCM 00030
+ ATCC 8739/WDCM 00012
+ ATCC 27853/WDCM 00025
> 10 colonies from XLD-AgarColonies with a black centre and a lightly transparent reddish zone due to the colour change of the medium(XLD)

Incubation Conditions: 24±3 Hours at 41.5±1°C; Inoculum Concentration: 10,000 - 1,000,000 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Escherichia coliATCC 8739/WDCM 00012< 100 Colonies in TSA-
Enterococcus faecalisATCC 19433/WDCM 00009< 10 Colonies in TSA-

Microbial Contamination

Incubation Conditions: 5–7 Days, 20–25°C and 5–7 Days, 30–35°C

No microbial contaminatkion

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