R2A-Agar (R2A)

Shorthand symbol: R2A
Item number: 40-1297
Format: Petri dish, 90mm
Colour: Clear. whitish colored.
Storage conditions: Dry, closed at 4-10°C
Shelf-life: 6 Months
pH: 7.2 ± 0.2 at 25°C
Xebios diagnostics abbildung in k%c3%bcrze n%c3%a4hrmedien
Intented use and fields of application

For testing water for injections.

Typical composition in g/l

in g per 1l Medium
Yeast extract0.5
Casein hydrolyzate0.5
Magnesium sulfate0.024
Sodium pyruvate0.3
*Adjusted as required to meet performance standards

Microbiological quality control

The microbial performance test is carried out in conformity with the requirements of the Pharm. Eur. (Microbiological testing of non-sterile products according to Chapter 2.6.13).

Incubation conditions: 2 - 3 days at 30 - 35°C; Inoculation concentration: 10 – 100 CFU

OrganismTest strainSpecificationColony morphology
Pseudomonas aeruginosaATCC 9027 / WDCM 0002650 - 200%whitish to greenish colonies
Bacillus subtilisATCC 6633 / WDCM 0000350 - 200%Whitish colonies

Mikrobielle Kontamination
Incubation conditions: 5 – 7 days at 20 – 25 °C and 5 – 7 days 30 – 35 °C

No microbial contamination

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