Kristallviolett-Neutralrot-Galle-Gluc.-A. VRBD-ISO (VRBD-ISO)

According to ISO 21528

Shorthand symbol: VRBD-ISO
Item number: 40-1148
Format: Petri Dish, 90mm
Colour: Violet, transparent
Storage conditions: Dry, in closed bag at 4 – 10°C.
Shelf-life: 6 Months
pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 at 25°C
1148 kristallviolett neutralrot galle glucose agar vrbd iso xebios
Intented use and fields of application

Violet Red Bile Dextrose Agar (VRBD) medium is for the detection and enumeration of bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria from foods such as milk and dairy products, egg products and animal carcasses. Moreover VRBD Agar is used for the detection of Enterobacterieceae in meat and dairy products.

Typical composition in g/l

in g per 1 Litre nutrient medium
Yeast Extract3
Pancreatic-digest of gelatine peptone7
Bile salts1.5
Sodium chloride5
Glucose monohydrate10
Neutral red0.03
Crystal Violet0.002
*Adjusted as required to meet performance standards

Microbiological quality control

The Microbiological Performance Test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 11133:2014.

Incubation conditions: 24±2 hours at 37±1°C; Inoculum concentration: Target Organisms: 80–120 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Salmonella enterica ssp. AbonyNCTC 6017/WDCM 0002950–130 %Pinkish red colonies with no odour or precipitate
Escherichia coliATCC 8739/WDCM 0001250–130 %Pinkish red colonies with no odour or precipitate

Incubation conditions: 24±2 hours at 37±1°C; Inoculum concentration: 10.000–1.000.000 CFU

OrganismType StrainSpecificationColony morphology
Enterococcus faecalisATCC 19433/WDCM 00009Complete inhibition-

Microbial Contamination
Incubation conditions: 5–7 days at 20–25°C and 5–7 days at 30–35°C

No microbial contamination

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